Wednesday, March 26, 2008

All New Jazz, Im so Jazz

Honda Thailand recently launched a second generation of a new Honda Jazz, The most selling car from Honda and now they expect to sell all New Honda Jazz more than 20,000 cars with in this year.

Come with 6 different colours with an intelligence i-VTEC, 1.5 litre and 120 horse power!!(the previous one was about 110). Manual or if you prefer an Automatic is entirely up to you, The top class is SV and follow by V and S. The price is start from 695,000-550,000B, what do you think? very reasonable isn't it.

A Modulo Honda custom performance also provide an extra sporty kit, even though is only just a front and back lip but i find it so damn!!! sexy. Oh! and of course a side skirt. A Modulo also didn't forget to put an extra sporty appear inside the car with a carbon look, I'm not sure if Modulo will provide a sporty rims but the original rims is already come with a 16".

The First generation of a Honda Jazz

I'm so Jazz right now!!!..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Perfect Pair

How will you feel if you can own a very cool and its also happen to be the only one pair of shoes in this world??!!

Converse provide you a variety of shoes such as an Old School shoes a Classic Chuck taylor All Star to a famous Jack Purcell and the most coolest thing is you can create you own Personalize Shoes!! here as well.

Maybe it will cost a bit more extra to build one but i dont mind to have one of those though....... too bad that their do shipping in U.S. only....DAMN

The website is kinda cool and worth to go and check it out ( if you are crazy about Converse).

u can leave your "personalize name" at the back of a shoes!, how cool is that.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Begining of a new life

Another Friday pass by so quick without a notice, I feel like I haven't done anything much for the pass week yet!. Are we just wasting our times by living our ordinary life and wait til the day we (suppose) to be bury!!. well that is life isn't it.

A Friday night like this at my parents house in Saraburi province, a warm hug from my mum after i reached. The feeling of home where i grow up, nothing has change since then. Dad happened to be in India for a seminar over the weekend, Mum said he called and told her how amazing to visit The Tajmahal and how he have to barely handle a real Indian food.

We recently got a new member in our family, a 3 little kittens which was born about a week ago. The size is so small till i wont dare to touch it but somehow i feel so touch to see such life that is trying to struggle too survive.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bye-bye Ra-yong

My last day at Ra-yong, the trip is almost over but we still have another half day of a seminar. At the end of a seminar there is a presentation which is did by our Web and Multimedia Design team, we were so proud to be a part of this seminar.

We leave the resort soon after lunch. For the past 3 days that i have been here none of the sea water!! haven't touch my skin yet, we told the driver to stop by the beach side on the way back and finally.....wuuhooo!!! ( well at least i got my feet wet!! )

Saturday, March 8, 2008


A morning start with a water leaking from a bathtub, a hot water is not working aiihhh everything is so !@&?!! old here at this hotel. For breakfast we had what the waiter called it an "American Breakfast" , a cheap pork ham, (chicken maybe) sausage, fried egg (not scrambled egg!!) some bread, and no Bacon of course!!.

Im not sure if those American will like the ideas of seeing their "American breakfast" style in this way...haha. A seminar start soon afterward and it keep on going for whole day.

Thats me in a circle..!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

The unexpected

Yesterday trip from Bangkok - Ra-yong was alright, we reached the resort about 5 in the afternoon. The ideas in mind of a nice hotel setting by the beach, a nice white sand beach!!. What we actually seen after we reached the resort was an old building seem kinda abandon and its set in a middle of a mountain, well at least a nice and (must be) soft white sand beach can only be seen about 5-10 km away!!

A company buses arrived with fully load of about 200-250 people, haha i don't even know or never seen some of them. This is my second days here and no such "Sea food" that i can spot in anywhere!!!!..

A seminar start soon afterward.....huhhhh

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rayong province

A very heavy bag carry on to my back and try to get on a train to work in the morning this is not easy to do at all when a train is packed! with a lot of people. At the office its start with a usual things, turn on my computer, log in to the MSN and of course a real works!! only start after 8.30.

The company trip will be held this weekend coming but for our team there is something different than the others, we have to leave the office early today after lunch to be at Rayong province. This will be held until Sunday afternoon.

The sea, white sand beach here i come!!! ya hooooo!!!..

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Super Tuesday

Well in the U.S. they have a Super Tuesday, I guess we have it here too in Thailand!haha. But Instead of calling it a "super Tuesday" I should have call it a "Boring Tuesday". Sitting in an office, facing a 15"!! computer everyday this easily can spoil my eyes. Well this is what i do (live with it dude!!)

Trying to figure it out how to operate a BIG printer, weight about 250 kg (can u imagine how big!). The printer was happened to be in a server room which we have to be there, listening to all those earsplitting sound, sitting on the floor for almost 2 hours this make us goes crazy.
People said "the bigger the better" right, haha but i guess those saying cant apply to this "BIG" printer at all!. At the end of the day we kinda gave it up and leave it as the way it is...aiihh.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Sunday, a family day. Seeing my parents 1-2 times in a week sometimes it make me feel like i should spend times with both of them more when ever i can to so. A quarrel got started not even 10 minute after we met, haha but i kinda use to it and i guess that is a family things.

Take them for a walk, bring them for lunch and the end of the day they pay me a big dinner..haha thanks Mum and Dad. A day gone by so quick, well until next weekend Mum and Dad...see yaaaa!! love you

err..that is not my parents, look behind them!

yeaaa..aa I knew is not (that) relate to the topic at all but this is a very rare thing to see in an underground train!!, I think is a police's dog

Saturday, March 1, 2008

In the hole!!

A morning start with an empty refrigerator, no food! for me except a juice, milk and a half box of a left over cereal. This is not what i had in mind at all, aiih i really needed to do some house shopping. A company golf competition is held today at a golf course (which is i hardly remember the name) outskirt of Bangkok, a first time for me to play with my company, the boss and this can make me very nervous.

Finding the way to reach there is simple but i guess the golf course didn't have enough funds to put up a massive sign on the road!, i mean not even any indication that can lead to there. At the end with my "good eyes"haha, i manage to find this sign at the side of the road before the main entrance about 50 metre...%$#@

It was a good HOT day and i got a sun burned (a lot), wearing a short pant to play it can make half of my legs became totally in different 2 colours!. Well i didn't manage to win any trophy but at least i win my boss...hahaha.