Saturday, June 7, 2008

Love is all around..~~)

Sometimes its so hard to make a decision on having a relationship with anyone, specially someone that is come from a different background. Well I getting to know one girl about 2 years ago in New Zealand while i was studying at the university, is kinda like a destiny you know ( do you believe in destiny, cuz i do). Why I'm saying something about destiny? i mean i have been in New Zealand for almost 6 years until i met this girl, I've never been with anyone for a lonnn...nng ( its really long okie!!) times until suddenly i saw her at the beginning of a new semester at our school. Hahaha a group of a new transfer student from Malaysia, well i said to myself what the hell man its just another group of a student from Malaysia so what which we always have that anyway every years in our school.

I think i saw her for the first time at the Video class as i was preparing some paper works on the new semester enrolment, from then till about mid April we kinda start to talk. I hardly remember the first words that i spoke to her though, but the very very first conversation that we had was in a auction room. It was the toys collection auction from Prof. Hazel, i was there first waiting to collecting my won items then you were there as well at the corner of the door beside the printer!! ( to be honest, my heart was pumping so heavily then). haha we never spoke a single words till now, "hi, are you Tiffany?" i asked her, lots of books in her arms then it all suddenly dropped!!. I kinda see how clumsy she was but it kinda give me a first impression and is kinda cute.

She invited me for a Kinky Bunny party...... then you know what the rest is magic..~^). Well it never been so easy being with this girl, but i never give up on her.

Its actually been 2 years today since we decided to start this relationship together, did i tell you that her name is Tiffany. haha from then until now the feeling that i have for her is never change you know, even how stubborn she was, how different we are and how hard it is for us to go through a lot of good or bad experiences together but i think that is the prize I'm getting to be in love with someone and i think it all worth it at the end of the day.

Nothing to give her in this anniversary accept more love from you hahaha^^..Happy 2 years anniversary Tiffany.....

This is a very last picture that we took together in May 2008