Friday, February 13, 2009

25 things about me

The Obligatory Procedure:

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Yes! It was suppose to post on my Facebook but due to the stupidity and the policy of my company for God sake! They decided to block us visiting Facebook, Frienster and even Hi5! God damn it! and yes I dont have the internet at home.

1. Well what to say about me, my name is Supasit, it mean “I can do anything” my mom was planning to given me a name of “Sukrit” but the monk said is not a good name for me so…. Supasit is my name since then.

2. Our family’s last name “Duriyananda” was given by the King Chulalongkorn, Rama V of Thailand due to my great grand father which happened to served near by the King and also working there in the King palace. By the way my great grand father name was “Durian” yes it’s those Durian fruit (Duriyananda).

3. I went to a private school for my kindergarten and primary school, the school fees are expensive but my mom is willing to pay for my better future.

4. I didn’t do so well since the primary school, can’t manage to pass some subjects especially in mathematics which I really bad at it (till today). My mom cried and went we got home she really did hit me on my bottom and so on I still didn’t do so well at a primary school.

5. Secondary school was a little bit better, I moved to a government school, the fees was cheaper and more friends. I still didn’t manage to pass some subjects but this time it was in Physical education (PE) can you imagine that? My mom didn’t cried maybe she used to it. All the teachers still recognize me till today due to the bad habit I did at school but hey at the end of the day I manage to pass all the subjects and got a good grade too.

6. One day in class before lunch we were playing soccer at the back of our class room, I kicked the ball from the back of the room and I guess I kicked it too hard so the ball hit right on my friend face. He got kinda mad at walk up to me and hit me right on my left eye…ouch!! It was hurt and gave me a huge bruised. After the incident he apologizes and since then we were best friend but now we kinda lost touch. My mom still thinks that I was hit by a soccer ball till today.

7. I got a motorcycle crash when I was at the secondary school because me and my mate was skipped English class and went to play Winning11 (famous soccer game) and on the way back my mate motorcycle went into a corner too fast, one of my leg stuck there underneath the motorcycle, dragging me along the street and leave me a scar on my knee till today.

8. After 3 years at the secondary school I passed the High school requirement test and got a chance to move into another school. First year at High school was good at first.

9. I didn’t like the High school uniform, specially those brown short pants, brown socks and dark brown shoes (ugly).

10. Normally skipped class went to play game and so on…my High school life wasn’t good at all.

11. Decide to gave up High school due to the bad habit I make and most of all the school and my parents was thought that I might be better in some other things or school. I was studied there not even a year.

12. Move to New Zealand to continuing my High school since I was about 15 years old, it was in February 1999.

13. The first year in New Zealand was good. I have to stay at school hostel and it was a good experiences, everything was great except the food was a nightmare. I can’t even speak proper English then, all I can say was yes, no and thank you (seriously). Got a Korean friend his name is….shit I can’t remember but anyway he thought me of how to say “what the fuck are you looking at!” I didn’t know what it was then so I gave it a try to some people, all I got back was one kinda look!, luckily I didn’t get punch instead.

14. Went back home at the end of the year, everyone said I look very fat!

15. Second year in New Zealand was even better, I moved out from the hostel to live in a home stay. I learned how to speak with kiwi’s accents and even eat like kiwi yes Marmite with bread, am telling you the smell was fucking horrible at first but it tastes nice though. Till today I still can’t figure it out what is a different between Marmite and Vegemite? Can you? Oh I almost forgot New Zealand’s marijuana (weed) was a good shit! Yes I tried some…why not?

16. Got into a problem with some skinhead at High school, I fucking hate skinhead since then. Even when I was at Burger king, the dude walk up to me and said “you fucking Asian!” I stood up and said “Go back to your mama!” luckily the security guard was around there otherwise I wont be here writing this. Oh those “Go back to your mama!” thing I learned it from the movie I watch earlier.

17. After 2 years at High school my life was getting kinda complicated again of what I should do next. Decided to take a 1 year course in Diploma in Foundation visual art. The class was good most of them are an adult. Best and the most embarrassed yet things of all is Life drawing class, well the woman model was nice but when it came to a man specially naked in front of me I just cant draw anything.

18. I started to smoke since when I was here in New Zealand but never try a roly cigarette before. Roly cigarette is those that u needs to provide papers and filters and of course a tobacco then you rolls it up. My class mate thought me how to roll it with one hand, I can’t do it till today. I still can smell the smell of tobacco and rum every time I mention about it which was the one particular brand I always like to buy “Port royal”.

19. After the Diploma course I have to wait for a half year to enroll into the Wanganui School of design. In that half year me and my other 2 Thai mate and other 4 from Hong Kong got the offer from Wanganui UCOL to enroll into a special program call…..I forgot the name of the program. Anyway later on during in July 2003 we all got into the Wanganui School of design except one of our friend from Hong kong due to his unpredictable life and laziness.

20. The first year at the University was great. I rent a place and stayed with my other 3 Chinese friends. My room mate his name is Joe Yeh, we are still best friend till now. Got my first car at the 2nd year of the university and yes is a Nissan silvia s14. Decided to move out to live with my Thai mate at the motel and that was a wrong decision. Sold my beloved Nissan silvia due to the super extremely low of the car body kit its kinda annoying me. Bought a 2nd car at the 3rd year of the university it was a Honda Integra, it was a cheap and good car but the mileage was showing more than 150000 km when I got it! Kinda ripped me of but what the hell.

21. I never tell my parents about getting a 2nd car and they still don’t know about it till today. By the way I sold the Honda for about $3000nz from about $8000nz I got it for due to the broken gearbox and this took me a while to get over it.

22. I quit smoking due to my friend showing me those lung cancer pictures, it was all black and totally fucking gross! and of course for some other reason too. I got into a serious relationship.

23. After the graduation in July 2006, I tried to look for jobs in New Zealand but it didn’t go as well as I plan. Working at a Thai restaurant for a part time and got about $70-$80 a week, I am the delivery boy (sometimes) one night I delivering to one house and got the guys ripped me of by saying that he called at the restaurant about why the food delivering were so late and he asking for some free charge of service and everything bla bla bla….so at the end I didn’t charge him anything. Went I got back I told my boss about it, he got mad! not at me but at those fucking bastard cuz it was $50. We marked that house as a bad list and never deliver to that house again!

24. After almost 7 years in New Zealand I came back home and just realized I lost all the touch with friends here in Thailand, I dont have much friends since then. I was lost since then but still struggling to find a job in Malaysia. I got a job in LOT10 in the heart of KL after almost a month in Malaysia, I worked as a graphic designer but the place is a Hair saloon and a photo shooting studio. Due to working permit problems and for some reason I quit my job within a week or maybe 2 weeks without them paying me! The owner is a Singaporean.

25. Have to comeback to Thailand every month due to 1 month policy visiting to Malaysia. In Nov 2006 I worked at Eminent design in Malaysia, took a train almost 1hr everyday to work, my station is at the very last station “kelana jaya” life was very tough then due to some reason, I was by myself. At the end of Dec 2006 the company decided to not hiring me anymore due to a working permit problems (again) and some other reason. I worked there for a month. In Nov 2007 I got a job offer in Thailand and have been working there ever since and the rest is a very complicated history.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

products photography

Recently (well not really) myself a new Canon EOS 1000D with a reasonable price of 19500B plus 4G memory. People said that Canon EOS 1000D is a small version of a Canon EOS 450D with a slightly different function, size and the price then the rest is up to your skill~^!).

Well trying to be a good photographer is not that difficult but you got to give a 101% concentration into it then you can consider yourself a (quite) good photographer haha....i guess everything take times to learn and well I'm learning.

Ever dream of having your own photography studio at home well i knew those light set up is expensive but how about a little lower budget kinda ideas? YES i got myself a 2 table lamps from HOME PRO the other day and with a high watt super white light bulb...this should do the job well and it save me a fortune!!^.

More pictures