Friday, April 11, 2008

Chiangmai - Songkarn Fest

Sawad dee jao, the word "jao" very often use here in the northern part of Thailand instead of using "kub" and "ka". Me and my girlfriend have a chance to visit Chiangmai during a Songkarn fest, the festival start from mid April (12th-15th) every year.

Me and my girlfriend decided to take a train to Chiangmai (still think if it was a good decision!!), a train was delayed for almost 3 hours and by the time we reached Chiangmai it was almost 1am in the morning. Well i guess that is a good experiences though. Driving to Chiangmai from Bangkok is another way to travel and i will love to try that though BUT not in this festival season, I'm pretty sure it will be jam alllll...ll the way to Chiangmai, and driving to Chiangmai should take about 8-10 hours driving....yeah i know is such a long way but worth to give it a try.

Chiangmai people are friendly (well most of them), they speak very slow and always end they sentence with the word "jao" and i find that very unique and so attractive.

"wai pa kun mai jao" see you later in a northern style....hahaha

Here are some pic

A local transportation "song taw".

My beloved, at the background is the Moat.

A local hill tribe (on the way to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, "Doi Suthep" )

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, a must place to visit when you are in Chiangmai

A local food "kao soi" , chicken, beef, entrails and pork curry with a crispy noodle
and some side dishes vegetable pickle.

Songkarn fest playing by the moat, wooohuuu!!!

Ready to paly, that water gun cost me 200 baht+ but i tell you it worth to buy.

My "Tiffunny" First time playing Songkarn, we had a lot of fun huh.

Friday, April 4, 2008


A project INDY IN TOWN a place for people whose have the unique ideas. Open at 4Pm till about 9Pm every Friday night at The Center point of Siam Square (Located In front of Central World) for a new young Thai generation to express they creativity.

A hand made zone with lot of goods come with a very cool ideas and more than 120 shops provided, there is a lot of choice to choose from there if you don't mind a roadside stand kinda style!! hahaha...and its CHEAP.

A music band competition also happen every Friday night to let a new generation to show they talented and follow by a local famous music band...."Silly fool" was there the night i was there...hehe

If you have a chance to come to BKK why don't you try to spend a bit of money$$ there, and i tell you it will be worth it!!

such a god project, INDY IN (ME)......

CP Ready meal!!

CP (new site is currently updating) or Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company is where i currently working now as an In-House graphic designer, if you want to know about my company why don't you CLICK on the link....

This is our company food product line poster done by Ogilvy Thailand, it can be seen all over the place in Bangkok for quite sometimes already.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

247 yd

A company golf competition will be held again on this coming Saturday, I thought i needed a pratice to get ready for the up coming competition and the main thing is i do really need an exercise!!.

A 247 yd driving range located in Chaopraya park Hotel on Ratchadapisek Rd and about 10 minute driving from my place. Eventhough is not a Friday night but somehow is very packed and i have to wait for a queue for about 30 minute.

Here some picture......

I tell you, that kid is damn good!