Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Singapore - countdown 2009

Finally for once in my life time i have been to Singapore, one of many country that i always wanted to visit! and guess what i was there for a 2009 count down next to the Marina bay and close to the Merlion one of the most well-known tourist icons of Singapore and most of all i was there with my beloved Tiffany well even though we got into a little controversy 30 min before the count down but i guess somehow those controversy we had earlier can make both of us stronger and knows about each other more. Anyway....

Overall it was a GREAT trip and YES! we walked a lot and a lot and most of all Singapore gave me the first impression of how they kept the country so so damn clean, well i saw a lot of rubbish after the count down though but hey! that's the only time you will see that in Singapore though. Luvin it and super luvin it man! ( i wish somehow Thailand could ever be like that....well still hoping).

Happy new year, Its a new year and its a new me baby!!..

A bus from Kuala lumpur - Singapore
They said Singapore is a super fine country!~^
The famous clark quay
The famous orchard road
Clark quay at night
A minute after midnight
The famous Merlion
The esplanade at the background

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mr. Apisit Vejjajiva

The 27th priminister of Thailand and The Democrat Party leader Apisit Vejjajiva, he is now will be the new hope
for the country.

"Apisit could be considered the “JFK of Thailand.” He is young, handsome, articulate, cosmopolitan and highly educated".

Was born on the 3rd of August 1964 and now he is only 44 years old and he could be the youngest priminister which Thailand ever have in the politic history.

Well they said the politic is complicated (i said very very and very complicated)...but the time will tell that what will this young priminister can do for Thailand....

Thursday, December 4, 2008


This super cool website was introduced to me by Miss Tiffany the other day and it kept me amaze of how is this site can do to upload your normal photo into an amazing photo retouch~^)!. Imagine that if you can replace the Mona Lisa face to your face or even a body tattoo of yourself on the football superstar like David Beckham (some girls might like this) haha.. and all you got to do is only a click cool is that right?

Me and Gisele Bundchen wuhuu!!.damn she is HOT~^)!.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The moment of relief and joyful

"BANGKOK, Thailand (CNN) Anti-government protesters are celebrating an order by Thailand's constitutional court to dissolve the country's ruling party and ban the prime minister from politics for five years." Credit to

"Tuesday's ruling follows months of opposition protests, including a week-old siege of Bangkok's international airport and sparked angry counter-protests by Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat's supporters outside the court. The court also banned at least one of the People Power Party's ruling coalition partners, effectively dismantling the government over allegations of vote-rigging." Credit to

"Protesters were jubilant but vowed to keep up their blockade until convinced the ruling coalition would not simply return under another name. Members of the People's Alliance for Democracy, occupying Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi international airport, cheered and hugged on hearing the news." Credit to

"Meanwhile, hundreds of Somchai's supporters staged an angry counter-protest outside the court following the decision." Credit to

Credit to

Smiling moon of hope shines down on Bangkok

It occurred here around 7pm last night in Bangkok and i guess it also happened everywhere else around the world, the natural phenomenon "smiling moon" or conjunction of moon, Venus and Jupiter. The news said this phenomenon will not recur until!!.

I guess this must be a good sign of a new hope for the situation that happening in our country right now, at least the moon is still smiling and how about us as a Thai people. Can we be "the land of smile" again? well...only the times will tell.

Smiling Moon at Sathorn Building roof credit to:

“พระจันทร์ยิ้ม” เหนือฟ้าเมืองกรุง credit to: