Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Siam (Bangkok) system trams

ok...here is something that is very interesting about Bangkok system trams, let me take you back to the year of 1893. Yes 1893, 116 years ago. Have you people ever wonder how Doc Brown and Marty McFly in "Back to the future" movie can travel back to the past (future)? I wish I can set the system on my car and set the date back to the year of 1893!!, classis indeed.

thanks to and the magic of Bing translator

"Bangkok capital of Siam system trams are open from 21 February 1893, which considered tram electric first in Asia from traditional previously used horses and La drag car refrigerator, replaced by Van made with electric power system size are twenty horsepower electric system used for trams as system operated by the company Short Electric Railway Company City Cleveland USA Bangkok which currently have a citizen approximately nine hundred thousand people have a tram to 7 calls by pointing to the different points.

1. Bnag Kho Laem
2. Sam San
3. Dusit
4. Bang Sue
5. Hua Lamphong
6. Silom
7. Pathum Wan (lumpini)

All trams as a single table by the work in the range 1/4 miles wide table 1 meter and most car table embedded in the floor pavement some range only embedded on the concrete road and have rights, trams run right before while the Cabinet trams all 54 bogie van as dual motor with 28 van and car head movements which drag 50 cars each cars have 40 HP can carry 60 people a seat 36 people standing 24 people. Also have the tank bogie trams with 2 type of passenger seat 1. is an open and 2. is an airy with glass close. The body of most trams are produced in Thailand and only 5 bogie are imported from England. Color of trams which contains 2 matching color is yellow to brown, yellow with green, yellow with red and black with green. On September 30 1968 Tram2 the last line of the Bangkok aborted and be replaced by bus.

That is a fraction of one in the history of electric tram, which makes Bangkok becomes cities with prosperity not allergic to countries in Europe, some countries in the same."